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Resellers should complete the iZone Reseller Opportunity Questionnaire on this site in order for us to respond to your inquiry.

In addition, you may contact our Wholesale Department as follows:

Ph: 888-883-4878
Fax: 888-883-4871
Email: info@izonegroup.com

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iZone Group designs, manufactures, and distributes sunglasses, non-prescription reading glasses and eyewear accessories. Our marketing strategy is to develop and build moderately priced quality brands emphasizing fashion, selection and value.

What sets us apart?

  • Experience: We have been in the eyewear business for over 15 years.
  • Capacity and Selection: Our 30,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center in Northern New Jersey allows for timely shipping of a wide variety of styles.
  • Design and Customization: We invest in all our iZone Eyewear products, which are carefully designed by our product development team. This allows us the ability to deliver on all your private label eyewear needs.
  • Our iZone quality and pricing create an unmatched value in every pair of glasses.

Please note the following features and benefits of our iZone Eyewear brands which will appeal to your customers:

  • UV3 Sunglasses – TruView lens technology with authenticated UV protection.
  • UV3+ Sunglasses – Polarized TruView lenses with authenticated UV protection plus a polarized filter which reduces reflective glare from pavement, car bodies, water, windows and snow.
  • iDrive – Polarized polycarbonate and anti-reflective lenses that eliminate glare from every direction.
  • UV3 Readers – Optical quality lenses with comfortable frames and a wide assortment of styles and colors.
  • Loudmouth Sunglasses – A perfect blend of cutting edge style and performance for any outdoor activity or sport.

Please contact the Sales Manager regarding the following:

  • Custom pricing available for qualified accounts
  • Free displays bundled with qualifying orders
  • Merchandise services available with qualified accounts. Our commitment is to optimize service
  • Display signage can be customized with easy to read retail prices based on your profit margin goals

Joe Coyne
Sales Manager
201-750-5650 x358

We offer convenient programs that allow our resellers to choose between varieties of floor fixtures or countertop displays already bundled with our top selling iZone Sunglasses. We offer the same convenience with our Readers, providing high turn floor fixtures or countertop displays already bundled with our top selling UV3 Readers for easy ordering.